Strategic communications

What we offer

Development of Communication strategies and plans:

We can support you by:

  • Developing communication strategies and plans
  • Public /Media Relations Management
  • Digital strategies and social media communications
  • Developing communication/advocacy/public information Materials (print, electronic, online, cloth, visual or otherwise)
  • Development Communications
Perhaps nowhere is communication a challenge today than in development work. UN agencies, bilateral government development institutions (like FCDO, Irish Aid, USAID, DANIDA) NGOs, CBOs, inter-governmental organizations and governments are involved in various development activities; education, health, poverty-eradication, etc. The idea for sustainable development today is summed up in the adage, “You cannot have development for them, without them.” The local ecosystem should own and be part of the conception, design, implementation, of all development initiatives meant for them for any projects to have impact and sustainability. We support you to plan and execute: (i) Communication for mobilization, (ii) Communication for attitude and perception change, (iii) Communication for behavior change (iv) Communication for awareness raising, (v) Edutainment, (vi) Infotainment, etc., • Editing and Writing Services Our experienced writers and editors work together to produce professionally done copy for you, for whatever purpose. From this stage you can print and publish with us or you can chose to do it yourself. We can draft your Annual Reports, Anniversary books, etc. • Translation Services: We offer translation services to and from common European languages spoken in the region: English, French, German and other common East African/Ugandan languages like Kiswahii, Luganda, Ateso, Luo, Runyakitara, Ngakarimojong, etc. • Training & Rapporteur Services Our stable of staff and consultants are available to undertake training services in communication skills, public and, media relations, to our client organizations’ staff. We also offer professional rapporteur services for international conferences, meetings, workshops, etc from which we generate all kinds of material agreed with the client: Print reports, still photographs, video, website articles, press releases, media/press statements, etc.
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