We provide a critical mix of strategic communication services – that enable you to get impacts, influence narratives and shine as a trusted, respected organization

We appreciate that you work in an environment, in a community and a country where you seek to be a good corporate citizen. As a good corporate citizen you want to understand and be involved in affairs that affect the community you work in; be it diseases, girl child education, domestic violence, clean environment, etc. We support you to identify and make inroads into engagement with such issues in the community.
What we offer

Top world rated and successful companies/organizations are also top rated smart communicators.

Effective communications can make you, but no/ineffective/bad communications can also break you.

Advanced Communications elevates your communications to prepare you for every opportunity, anytime.

We understand that that your organization has unique needs and desires at any one time, and we support you on the journey to your True North.

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We support you our client to undertake knowledge generation, knowledge processing, utilisation, and dissemination, storage.

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Get Media For You
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Development Communications
We are a consulting company that supports you (whether you are a business - especially SME, NGO, project/Programme, international development agency, a government ministry, department or agency), by providing you vital and valuable services in: Strategic ,Communications,Knowledge Management, Public Affairs Engagement,Publishing. This is a critical mix of services that support you to excel and become a thought leader, a learning, resilient and well positioned organization to achieve your raison d’tre (reason of being). Strategic Advanced Communications to Support Your Reason of Being
A company/organisation that is a winner and a leader in its chosen field is the one that has the winning knowledge, the winning thought, the winning idea, the winning insights- and of course winning practices. Whether a private company, a public (government) entity, not-for-profit or development agency (UN organisations, development cooperation agencies, NGOs, civil society), you need winning knowledge, winning thought, winning ideas and winning insights to stay relevant, gain public confidence, and translate your people, knowledge and relationships into resources –that raise your bottom-line. In today’s competitive, dynamic and fast-paced environment every entity needs to be at the top of its game in knowledge and thought leadership, strategic communications, branding, client relationships/satisfaction, product/service quality, to be , and keep in the lead. In today’s world, knowledge and insights into the environment one works in (public affairs), is a topmost priority; working in an environment one doesn’t understand, is like digging for gold in the dark
Public Affairs Engagement

We appreciate that you work in an environment, in a community and a country where you seek to be a good corporate citizen. Our your core mission may actually be to work on these issues. Read on Public Affairs Engagement

We are also a publishing entity.

Whether it is a research report, Annual Reports, Anniversary publications, Thematic reports, Knowledge products, field Reports, books, we can compile/write, edit, advise on design, design, print and publish for you.

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