Public Affairs Engagement

We appreciate that you work in an environment, in a community and a country where you seek to be a good corporate citizen.

Our your core mission may actually be to work on these issues. As such you want to understand and be involved in affairs that affect the community; be it policy, politics, political economy, diseases, girl child education, domestic violence, clean environment, etc.

We support you to identify and make inroads into engagement with such issues in the community. 

We support you by providing spot on qualitative situation analysis that is beyond publicly available numbers in such a manner that it informs decision-making.

We help you understand the political economy; how a new policy change affects your work, business environment, we help you understand the terrain in which you are working, who matters in your ecosystem and value chain;  and give you a correct picture of how the field you are working in operates and advise how best to design and approach your advocacy.

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