Knowledge Managemment

We support you our client to undertake knowledge generation, knowledge processing, utilisation, and dissemination, storage.

  • Knowledge generation

 We support you generate new knowledge that creates new understanding, new ideas, new insights, new approaches to existing challenges whether it is in development, politics, education, health services, business, etc. We conduct surveys, polls, research, M&E assessment,  or analyses using existing data to see new trends, new relationships, new influences, new needs, new expectations, all of which will help to develop interventions, products & services that address the current needs/demand of the market/client.

  • Knowledge management

We help you  to capture, assess, sort, process, store and enable retrieve-ability of your knowledge (research, experiences from high performing staff, staff exit interviews, best practices, case studies,) to be deployed for  your own growth and improvement.

  • Knowledge utilisation

We support you to identify the challenge and put together useful knowledge, internally from within your organization and from without the organization- either by new research, new analyses from old data, or from your own undocumented best practices, to new insights that lead to solutions to existing organizational challenges.

  • Corporate Information Management

An organization that does not keep track of its good practices and does not learn from them and does not even learn from the best practices of others is headed nowhere. We help you in information management; track your activities, analyze organizational processes and recommend best practices that you can adopt, keep or discard. We also support you to capture and document their best practices for marketing yourself or just for posterity.

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